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Twitter Needs A Safe Space To Hide From Elon Musk Hostile Takeover

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As the world knows, Elon Musk has offered to buy 100% of Twitters company to be the single owner of the tech platform in hopes of protecting and restoring free speech, since millions of users have been heavily censored and canceled ion recent years.

Musk made it clear this was his final and only offer coming in at a whopping $54.20 per share for over 73 million shares of stock. This equates to some 43 billion dollars give or take, an offer I’m sure Twitter never imagined they’d receive.

Straight from the public document showing the offer, Musk writes:

Bret Taylor

Chairman of the Board,

I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy.  

However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company.

As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced. My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder.

Twitter has extraordinary potential.  I will unlock it.

Elon Musk

So let’s unpack this a little bit, shall we? Elon Musk has Twitter by the BALLS at this point and really they are damned if they do or don’t accept it. On one hand…

If they accept his offer:

1. the Left will have a meltdown as they say they are for free speech, but they really stand for censorship and want to cancel anyone they feel is a threat to their safe space of whinery. They can’t stand anyone speaking, or tweeting, the truth let alone challenging their position or even just having a friendly debate from opposite sides. Twitter selling to Elon will essentially rip their blankies away from them and they’ll be forced to face the real world.

2. They will turn on Twitter saying that Twitter sold out to the Right and that Elon Musk needs to be boycotted.

3. Twitter accepting the offer is essentially ADMITTING that they are a heavily censored platform and are willing to give up all control of their agenda in order to sell out their followers.

4. They are in big trouble with anyone they are in bed with, who is paying them to add to the NWO global elite agenda, and corruption that goes on behind the scenes.

If they reject his offer:

1. Again, they are admitting they are a heavily censored platform who refuses to give up control of their agenda.

2. They are essentially saying they don’t want free speech, they don’t respect the rights of their followers, and want to be a dictatorship of social media.

3. Stocks values will drop, or tank? as Elon pulls out of his investments, many will follow his lead.

Now, Twitter might try to shop around for bigger prices, but it’s doubtful that anyone is going to take the chance on it as it is now. This will be the best offer Twitter will ever get in the history of this earth unless people like George Soros come in to try and save it.

I’ve seen many comments across social media today saying, “So what?”. The reason this is SO important is that Big Tech has been trying to censor and cancel people by the millions for years. They have been trying to indoctrinate the masses through rhetoric and narrative by using mob mentality to control people into beating on and canceling each other. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and even Instagram are all owned by the same people and they all work together to control the narrative. This has to be stopped if we want to continue to live not only in a free country, but the greatest country in the world.

You can access Elon Musk’s offer document HERE.

What do you think?

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