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The Way It’s Supposed To Be

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Love him or hate him, there is one thing that either party cannot dispute: Donald J. Trump is a leader! He knows how to go out in the world and make his own way. He runs with the big dogs on the world stage of business, wealth, and money management. He is not scared to defy the odds, show everyone up, and rock the boat, especially on the political stage. He is not scared to sit with the most intimidating people, have hard conversations, assert himself or even be aggressive when necessary.

The scariest world leaders who have been feared for generations, respected Trump because they never ever tried to f*ck with him at all. Every single one of them knew Trump is a man of his word and if they tried any shenanigans on the world stage with shady global business dealings, terrorist attacks or war, Trump would unleash consequences more severe than what they were dishing out.

Many people out there love to hate Trump, but it feels like underneath all of that hate, is jealousy because they can’t even hang in his energy, let alone fly at his altitude. As much as the Left tries to knock him, Trump delivered on all he said he would do, and would have continued to serve the American people well had the election not been stolen by temper tantrum Democrats.

It was also nice to see him uphold tradition – a man with balls, and a wife who complimented him in every way. A biological female, with biological real naturally grown plumbing, who identifies as a woman with She/Her pronouns, and respects her husband as the man of the house while still maintaining her own level of independence, individuality, and purpose in life.

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