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The Left Intends To Separate Children From Their Mother’s

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Apparently this is being hung up in schools around the country. It’s cloaked in a feel-good safe space for kids to go to who feel alienated because of their issues. But what’s really going on here is the gaslit-brainwashing of the Left to turn children against their Mothers and the family unit at home in an attempt to seek comfort from “educated adults” who claim to love and support them. This will have damaging affects on the traditional ideal of the strong knit American family as it promotes further division between family members, thus including the strongest bond of Mother to child, with the intention to weaken parental guidance and supervision. Instead the schools should be doing something to help parents understand what the child is going through, to encourage mutual understanding between parent and child, as well as coping strategies to work together on said issues. This would strengthen the bond between Mothers (and family members) and their children, and create a cohesive collaboration between all parties. Instead, the school is simply promoting that children shrug off their own family and come get “free love” from surrogate adults at your school. I find this very troubling and a huge red flag to parents who are paying attention.

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