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The Epitome Of A Yahoo

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This reminds me of those high school kids from the 1990’s who were the social rejects of the school (besides friends of their own small group), who had the stench of Nirvana and Marylin Manson mixed with the cigarettes they stole from their Mom’s purse before they got on the bus or hitched a in the morning. These were the kids who always seemed disconnected from reality. You couldn’t have a real conversation with them as they didn’t even speak in full sentences, and always seemed unable to articulate thoughts or feelings. They were rebellious, and quiet for the most part, flipping their hair around out of their face while they chewed on erasers in class. The kids who had guidance, direction, hobbies, interests, goals, and responsibilities wanted nothing to do with these lost souls who were obviously neglected by their own parents. My younger self would stare in disgust at them across the lunch room. My adult self sees this and just feels sadness and pity for this kid.

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