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Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Dubbed Right Wing Trump Supporter By Fake News Media

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Reshared from Tom Kovach on FB:
When the #FakeNewsMedia tries to tell you that #PaulPelosi‘s attacker was a “right-wing #Trump supporter”, just remember this from NY Post reporter Michael Shellenberger. THEN, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Didn’t the wealthy Pelosi’s have any type of security system at their home? And, if so, then why was David DePape inside their home at 0230, but with no alarm activation?
2. Why did Paul Pelosi tell the 911 dispatcher that the man that just attacked him was “a friend”?
3. Why was the attacker in his underwear at the time?
4. Why was Paul Pelosi also in his underwear?
5. If the attacker broke into the house, then WHY is the broken glass on the OUTSIDE of back-porch door?
6. If the attacker was an intruder, then HOW did he know where to find a hammer?? (He didn’t use it to break IN, because the glass flew from the inside OUT.)
Then, ask yourself WHY the news media is trying so hard to spin the story into a “blame all Republicans” narrative, instead of what the evidence implies? (a homo-lovers quarrel)

What do you think?

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