Narcissistic traits are on the rise everyday and running rampant in our society more than ever. In the age of social media platforms, selfies, celebrity influences like the Kardashians, and political influences from crooked people in power like Nancy Pelosi, the masses now have an outlet to showcase themselves that portrays them to be more important than they really are. This is all fueled by broken families and traumatic childhoods, absentee parents, abuse and neglect, and bullying in school. After all, the root of Narcissism is insecurity.

We have a society filled with people who are extremely insecure for one reason or another, as this culture has been bred to one-up everyone else and work to keep others down. Insecure adult children, having babies only to continue the cycle of dysfunctional and abusive family lineage. The only way that can survive is by dodging responsibility for it and blaming everyone else.

Mimic Mastery – Narcissists don’t know who they really are, so their most developed skill is to mimic others around them in order to fit in with social expectations and come off as “normal”. This mimic behavior is also what creates an inflated self-image of “celebrity” in their minds because if they do what the Kardashians do on social media, they too will be just as famous and important.

The Woke Left comes off as artsy and tech-savvy hipsters who tend to lean toward socialist views and want to hang out in the west coast crowd. You will find these types sprinkled in major cities too, creating pockets across the US. They tend to be friendly, harmless, and inviting as well as civilized, educated, hardworking, and creative –  until they’re threatened in some way with different political views to their own, or if they are socially pressured into pleasing their peers so they don’t get canceled by their own cancel culture. That is when you will see their ugly side come out and they will turn on you in less than one second.

The Extreme Left stick out in society like a sore thumb as they literally look like societal rejects who are always walking around ready to pick a fight and their appearance is a mere act of rebellion attempted to offend or put off the people around them. The Extreme Left tend to be exhibitionist narcissists who act out in order to gain attention and recognition. This comes in the forms of having mental breakdowns in public, throwing temper tantrums, yelling, blood-curdling screams, ranting, crying, raging, violence, assault, and destruction.

The interesting thing about the Extreme Left is when you see their meltdowns in public cloaked in activism around politics, race, government, social injustices, etc., you can really see their inner broken child having the temper tantrum in their adult bodies. Many of them have no real productive life of their own, a lot with criminal and drug use backgrounds or the younger generation of Millenials who are lost with no guidance and direction.

All of the rage and violence we are seeing in our streets, especially since 2020, is each individual lashing out over what they’re really hurt over or scared of. Generic examples are:

Big wig politician who’s been in office more than 30 years, is super controlling and doesn’t want policies to change at the expense of millions of people, all because deep down she is scared her own security will be threatened.

“Suzie” is screaming like a banchie in a rioting crowd over a said political issue, really because her Dad molested her as a child and no one believed her.

“Jake” punched an older woman in the face for holding up a protest sign because he really protests his alcoholic mother who beat him as a child.

“Brenda” became a lawyer and a politician who unfairly throws black men in jail with long sentences for things that were minor, really because her own black father made her feel ugly and worthless as a child so now she subconsciously punishes all black men.

“Sing Lu” forced/enticed a dog to give her oral sex and then posted about it on social media, all because she wasn’t unconditionally loved or hugged as a child, and forgotten about by her parents –  so she craves affection (from a unconditional loving source – the dog-) and attention from anyone who will give it to her.

With the stuff I’ve seen in the news over the last year+, the examples are endless but you get the idea. What’s really going on in our streets is people want to be seen, heard, recognized, understood, and validated – all of the things they never got when injustices were done to them. The more this isn’t healed and festers inside, the worse the insecurity gets, and the bigger the narcissistic traits grow over time.

There is a difference between narcissistic traits/characteristics and true Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The disorder needs to be medically diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist, and is said to be rarer in the masses. Yes, there’s lots of people out there who are truly NPD, usually accompanied by other issues like being a sociopath or psychopath, or drug and alcohol use. But for the majority of society, there are varying degrees of narcissistic traits from a much lesser degree all the way to someone who presents them often. If left unchecked, it will grow and get worse and for many can turn into mental illness if they refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

Read more about the traits of Narcissism HERE.



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