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Morally Fit For President

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As much as the left hates Trump, I have never seen one video clip or photo of him acting inappropriately with children or adolescents. He doesn’t sniff them, he doesn’t creep around them, whisper in their ears, make “grey area” comments to their parents, say weird things about them in his talks, get too close in any way where the child cringes or pulls away, or pressure them into awkward photo opportunities. Fit to be President? You mean besides the obvious decline in cognitive ability? That aside, Joe Biden has been seen for decades acting weird with kids, talking out of both sides of his mouth, changing stories and stance on things, racist tendencies, and clearly out for his own gain with shady dealings and other things that don’t add up. He’s never been a leader, he doesn’t even have leader-energy, and he just doesn’t have what it takes to do THIS job. And it’s also clear that he’s the puppet in this fraud of a presidency, as the frontman for whatever the agenda is with Kamala Harris and other master puppeteers behind the scenes.

What do you think?

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