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Maria Salazar Demands Biden Administration To Restore Internet To Cuba

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WOW! Americans, especially the crazy left, the woke left, the libtards, and Democratic elites, really have no idea (and don’t appreciate) how good we have it here in America. The Cubin regime has cut off internet to their country, to their people, so they cannot share with the world the atrocities happening all around them. Let that sink in for a moment… imagine here in America the internet just went dark, and millions of people no longer had access to it on their phones, computers, smart TV’s, smart cars etc.!! And there was no way of connecting with each other, or seeing what’s going on in our country, or preparing for what’s coming! The left calls for communism in this country with their socialist policies and their leftist sheep followers blindly obey and vote for the same, without really realizing the true impact of how it would affect them if the left got full power just like the regime in Cuba and other countries like China. Americans today have no idea what true oppression and control is. While the crazy left turns their backs on our flag, the people of Cuba march through the streets holding up the American flag as a symbol of freedom and justice they hope to have in their country. They hold it up as a cry for help and as a ray of hope for their future.

God Bless Cuba and I hope Biden steps up! The fact that he’s dragging his feet tells us all we need to know already, but if he does nothing he’s really showing the people who’s side he’s on. It’s time to wake up America.

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