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Liberalism Gone Too Far

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It’s one thing to be a liberal. It’s another to be an extreme liberal. But when a person falls down to the libtard level, they have fallen into the danger zone. And when a person falls so low to the extreme side of being a Dumb Libtard, they are at a point of no return.

There is no help for this person once they reach the “dumb libtard” phase. Their mind is so warped, so pickled, so brainwashed, so narcissistic, it becomes a mental illness that just gets worse as they get older. And underneath the cloak of wokeism, love and light, and equal rights, they display behavior that really shows an extremely sad, angry, confused, lonely, insecure individual existing in a state of misery. Because the people they follow teach them to say one thing and do another. These people become so confused they cannot see the dysfunction of their own behavior. They cause it to rain and then have a temper tantrum when they get wet, expecting everyone else to fix it or make life nice for them.

People of the extreme radical Left, and many just on the Left at any level, severely lack personal accountability and responsibility, always pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. They use exhausting narratives to hide behind, like racism, feminism, inequality, the disadvantaged, etc. And when responsible sound-minded logical and rational people call them out on their behavior, they go into a rage of denial and deflection. Jussie Smollett is an absolutely perfect example of this, as are Joy Behar from the View, Amber Heard in Hollywood, Joy Reid on MSNBC, just to name a very small FEW. These people are incapable of humbling themselves and doing the work. THESE people are always looking for hand-outs and hand-ups and will sing any narrative that allows them to stay stuck in their thumb-sucking womb of a bubble to serve their ego and their self-entitlement.

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