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Kabul Never Would Have Happened Under Trump

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The Left has been trying to point blame and pin the entire situation in Afghanistan on former President Trump, as Joe Biden said the retreat of Kabul was planned under the Trump Administration and that Joe was simply following the orders. My observations are this:

  1. Trump never would have been so reckless, careless, and sloppy in the attempt to withdraw American military presence from Afghanistan.
  2. Trump would never remove military presence without removing American citizens first.
  3. Trump would never abandon American citizens there, trap them, or get Marines killed.
  4. It does not matter who was in office before you, the current President has the ability to change course at any time, make different decisions, back out, or hold out. Joe Biden did not do that, instead, he went in completely mindless telling the USA that all of the things that happened as a result of his decisions, would not happen.

OH, but they did! This is NOT Trumps fault.

Kamala Harris is just as guilty in all of this, as even she admitted she was there and had input in the final decision making to go ahead with their plans. The FEMINIST who just destroyed twenty years of progress advancing women’s rights, liberties, and independence in Afghanistan. Both are a disgrace.

What do you think?

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