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Joe Is Still On The Loose

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Did anyone else notice the day the news broke about the attorney general concluding Cuomo is guilty of sexual harassment and other inappropriate conduct, that when Joe Biden gave his statement later that day about the situation and was questioned by a reporter about if he still stands by his previous comment that Cuomo should resign if found guilty, AND asked if Joe is calling for Cuomo to resign now that the evidence has proven true …. that Joe Biden did not seem very confident in his answers?! It was almost like he was cowering behind his, “I stand by that statement”, and “Yes” (to him calling for resignation) responses to the reporter.

GEE, I wonder WHY?!!! What would it take for the system to hold Biden accountable now too? They don’t need to do an investigation.. years of photo and video evidence are at their fingertips already.

What do you think?

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