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Joe Biden Turns His Back On America

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On more than one occasion, the “President” was asked questions about Afghanistan, and he refused to answer. He either silently turned his back and walked away, or said he was not answering questions on Afghanistan at that time. The issue is, this was at the height of the Afghanistan debacle, where Biden abandoned thousands of Americans, allies, and service dogs in addition to billions of dollars worth of equipment that was left behind.

This is not the first time he has refused to answer questions, and his refusal isn’t blatant. He just turns away from the cameras, deflects responsibility to others on his staff who says he’s not allowed to, looks down or away, fills the silence with babbling we cannot understand, or tries to control the conversation so people cannot get a question in. he has not addressed the American people, or world issues, with a sense of strength, confidence, and courage and has not displayed true leadership qualities. As time as gone on, he’s needed help getting off stage or being told where to go. This is not just a person who doesn’t want to take questions, this is a person who is elderly, frail, and has questionable cognitive ability at this point. He is clearly not fit to run this country.

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