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Joe Biden Faces The Servicemen He Killed

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When I saw footage of Joe Biden standing there as they deplaned flag-draped coffins to wheel past him … I was disgusted in that moment and wanted to spit on his shoes. Thirteen bodies right before him that his decisions caused. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. He keeps trying to blame Trump for this – no, Biden was in office and Biden made the decisions he did. He could have made different ones, changed course, or backed out. Makes me sick, him trying to pass the buck.

I did not feel proud in that moment, proud of this country, as an American, of our President or proud of the servicemen who died. Instead, I felt angry, bitter, ashamed, heartbroken, and sad. This did not have to happen. It was senseless and wreckless.

Joe Biden deserves to be impeached at the very least, and suffer some consequences for his poor leadership. And while they’re at it, please remove Kamala from office as well.

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