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Gwen Berry Played Herself

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Gwen Berry stated she was “pissed” as she claimed they set her up by playing the National Anthem while the winners were getting up on stage. She had the audacity to turn her back on the American Flag, on the country she was representing in world games, on the country that gave her the OPPORTUNITY to even be in the Olympics. She claims she is oppressed by saying that black people are treated the worst here (in the US) and the flag does not represent liberty and justice for all because she has not experienced that herself. Furthermore, she made it all about herself, as if she was getting picked on and singled out by the officials who chose the song schedule each day at the Olympics. THIS is mental sickness and narcissism at it’s finest. THIS is the LEFT. It was all a set up huh? And you just happened to have that athlete activist t-shirt on hand? No honey, you were setting something up and played yourself. Now you’re the literal jackass of the United States Of America.

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