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Delta Variant No Match For Obama’s Birthday

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Former President Barack Obama is not allowing the pandemic or rising concerns over the new Delta variant stop him from throwing a multi-hundred guest star-studded 60th birthday party at his private home in Martha’s Vineyard. Really?! As talk rises across the airwaves spouting headlines about new mask mandates, breakthrough infections of Covid amongst the fully vaccinated, projections of trouble in the Fall or according to Biden the potential for another “dark winter” upcoming, more possible restrictions or lockdowns in the future, ridiculous rules for children going back to school, and plenty of chatter about how the Delta variant is way more contagious than Covid-19 was.. not to mention the rest of the country who is still quasi not-allowed to have the same kind of celebrations .. the Obama’s think it’s appropriate to have a blow out bash during an ongoing pandemic?!

Furthermore, Michelle Obama, who supposedly claims to be oppressed and depressed as a result of the pandemic itself and the racial tensions in this country as she fears for her daughters safety and their future moving forward. Not able to leave her 12 million dollar mansion during a pandemic yet still have everything catered to your needs sure is depressing, isn’t it?! While millions truly struggled, suffered, and lost a lot.. the Obamas sit in an ivory tower where apparently the rules don’t apply to them.

So let’s break down what we know so far as this is being reported upon ahead of the party and should there be any major changes, I will come back to this post to edit with updates. There are reports that CDC guidelines will be followed at this party to include temperature checks and a request to be vaccinated to attend – but is that request mandatory? All of that being said, let’s look at what we know:


*500 guests invited

*Temperature checks

*Vaccine request

*Some say negative Covid tests need to be shown before attending

*Hired Doctor acting as a COVID-coordinator

*Event held mostly outside on the waterfront property

Let’s note the word SERVANTS. <— Isn’t that an interesting word used across headlines?? Servants were hired to serve black people, uh no wait, I meant, oppressed elite black people. Talk about an oxymoron.

New reports are showing that even if fully vaccinated, one can still catch Covid-19, the Delta variant, AND also be a carrier of this to other people who are high risk or unvaccinated. The question is, how are they going to keep 700 people six feet apart from each other at all times? How are they going to handle the restroom situation? Eating and drinking, door handles, and high traffic areas? Because according to all the new data, just the guests being vaccinated and masked is not enough now to stop the spread of such a contagious variant. If they become carriers from a “super spreader” event like this, and all of those guests get on flights traveling back to all corners of the world, think of all the people they will come into contact with, in their personal and professional lives.

If it is OK for the Obamas to have such a gathering, does that mean it’s OK for the rest of us to? Or are the Obamas setting a bad example now during an ongoing pandemic with variables constantly changing – while cloaking it underneath being CDC compliant? Is this a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do, the rules don’t apply to us” while flaunting their privilege in front of suffering Americans? Sure seems like it. If you’re not a celebrity, rich socialite, or a politician, you’re beneath them all.

Final thoughts: If this was TRUMP doing this, how would the left (from the streets all the way to Washington), and the media be handling this?? Please comment below and share your thoughts!

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