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Cuomo Nailed By His Own Tweets

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There comes a time when the rules must apply to everyone. This “do as I say not as I do” way of behaving has got to be destroyed by those of us who won’t put up with it anymore. These self-entitled, wealthy, mentally ill, power-driven, egomaniacs who think they can use and abuse people for their own pleasure and never have consequences or be forced to pay for trespassing against others, need to be taken down, taken out, and banned. THIS is what Trump meant by “draining the swamp”. Both Cuomo brothers have always been serpents slithering around the political arena looking for their next opportunity to prey on others. Andrew Cuomo is a perfect example of someone who wears two masks – the public persona of saying what the people want to hear, and the real Andrew Cuomo who is a pervy, creepy, wrinkly old guy with sagging nipple rings trying to prey on young naive 20-year-olds, –  because he thinks that they think he’s full of glitter and gold.. when in reality they think he is gross and know he’s been ridden hard countless times, put away wet, dirty, washed up, and on his way to washing out.

SO – I find great delight when these tweets resurfaced because now that he’s been CAUGHT, got enough evidence stacked against him, and his own party is turning on him… he can’t slither or charm his way out of this one. Let Andrew Cuomo be hung on the cross of his tweets!

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