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Celebrity Stinky White Privilege

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In an interview, Ashton Kutchar and his wife Mila Kunis talked about how they don’t bathe their kids everyday, and only bathe them when they see dirt on them. Kunis mentioned she didn’t have hot water growing up, so didn’t shower often anyway. Kutcher then acknowledged that there is “no point” bathing children unless they are visibly dirty, with the actor revealing that he himself just uses soap and water on his “armpits and crotch daily,” but “nothing else ever”.

Sharing this information has sparked outrage across the internet and has turned this into a race issue, saying allowing your kids to be stinky is now “white privilege”.

WHAT? **rolls eyes** I cannot believe the insanity from the left sometimes. They are masters at taking something harmless (and quite frankly no one’s business) and twisting it into something else entirely. Pure madness.

Futhermore, does this outrage from the left stand true for every past and present-day Hippie? And hippie families (of all colors) who raise their children to be one with the earth kumbaya-ing their way through the garden and eating root vegetables they just pulled from the ground without washing the dirt off? Who believe natural body oils are a healthy thing and the body has natural self-cleaning abilities built in? GIVE ME A BREAK you crazy “woke” left. This has nothing to do with white privilige, you’re just trying to spin it that way.

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