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Bozo Clown Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania

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Bozo Clown Fetterman Projected To Win PA
Did the people of Pennsylvania ignore Fetterman’s woke and radical positions?
-Heroin injection sites
-Releasing convicted murderers
-Open borders
-No restrictions on abortion
Quote: “I do support fracking. And I don’t, I don’t. I support fracking, and I stand and I do support fracking,” Fetterman said.
His “values” aside, why is he even allowed to run with his medical history? The man can’t speak coherently let alone finish sentences or stay on his A-game mentally when it matters most.
Stats show almost a million people voted BEFORE any debate between Fetterman and Oz … thank the Democrats for this as they kept postponing the debate. With such high crime rates in Philly, you wonder how many voters regret their decision to vote early before hearing out Oz’s position.
Bottom line is it’s a sad day in PA to allow such a weak individual to represent them in the Senate.

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