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We are a Meme website that also shares GIF’s, videos, and photos based on current national and global events. Much of it is satire and comical with a splash of dark humor, and also newsy things that include research, statistics, references, and personal opinion pieces like this post HERE. Each post is different. Some might only have a headline and the meme, while others have a few sentences or long write-ups. A lot of our content is made in house, so if you see our website/logo on a meme that means our team created it. Everything else is shared from around the web and curated in one place on this site.

Dumb Libtard’s does focus on the insanity of the extreme left and violent activist groups, bringing to light the mental illness that is behind it as well as the injustices of it all. We do poke fun and other Democrats, but please know that we do not lump all Democrats into the same category as the extreme left. There are plenty of Democrats in this country who are good people, with good policies, and want to do good things. Unfortunately, they have been overshadowed by the extremists who are spoiling the lot for all.

Dumb Libtards was built to be a community site where people can create an account for free to be able to comment on posts and chat with other community members. We have provided the opportunity to vote on posts as well as share your reaction to them with the emoticon buttons. We also have created quite a following on our Facebook page, and other social media accounts are slowly growing too, as well as our newsletter.

We hope that you enjoy our community and we would love for you to join in on the conversation to post on this site with other members.

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